Rats are amazing animals and make excellent pets. They are friendly and extremely intelligent. Like dogs, rats can be
taught tricks, with proper training. Unfortunately, there are many misconceptions about rats. They are often described
as dirty, vicious beasts that spread disease. Quite the opposite, rats are very clean. Many rats will actually choose one
corner in their cage to use as a toilet, or can even be litter trained. Since most pet rats are kept indoors, it is extremely
unlikely one will ever come into contact with rabies or other diseases. There is a much greater chance for a pet dog or cat
to carry and spread disease than for a rat. Rats are easy to care for too, similar to a cat or dog.
A well bred, well cared for rat can also be quite hardy.
Welcome to Cali Critters (CLCR), we are a private breeder located in Vancouver, WA

We selectively breed for Health, Longevity, Temperament and a Great Personality.

Selectively Breeding Pedigreed Standard and Dumbo Eared Dwarf and Standard sized rats, in
several varieties such as; Variegated, Hooded, Berkshire, Variegated Berkshire, Blazed,
Siamese, & Himalayan. We are currently working mainly on our Dwarf lines!

Breeding since
August 2010!

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Last Updated: September 12, 2016
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Chatsworth, Ca
"Cali Critters are not only rattie knowledgeable but downright nice people! We have made
several purchases from CaliCritters and they have dealt with each of our mini-dramas with
grace, kindness and humor. I would recommend this breeder above all others."

- Lyn G
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Cali Critters will be taking a break from breeding!
We may have occasional litters from time to time!
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